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UCI Office of Campus Organizations

CORE Accounts: Web & Email Services

The Office of Campus Organizations provides CORE Accounts web and email services at no additional cost to Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) in good standing with the Office of Campus Organizations within Student Life & Leadership. CORE Accounts helps with RCO websites, UCI-Gmail, and mailing lists. These accounts are also easy to link to other services, such as off-campus mail accounts. 

Visit the CORE Accounts for more information and to apply for or renew an account.

Why is CORE Accounts useful for my RCO?

  • CONTINUITY.  Account services remain active with annual renewal
  • AVAILABILITY.  On and off-campus access from any Internet-capable computer (some services may require the OIT VPN when accessing off-campus)
  • ORGANIZATION MANAGED.  Full control of your website (subject to Policies & Procedures)
    Important: if custom software is installed, your organization is responsible for security updates
  • UCI AFFILIATION/NAME PROVIDES LEGITIMACY. sites are extremely popular in Google Search; domain helps with Search Engine Optimization (e.g.,;;;
  • NO ADDITIONAL COSTS.  Any registered club or organization is eligible for a CORE Account
  • GENEROUS SPACE.  All CORE Accounts come with: (1) web account, (1) UCI-Google/Gmail account, (1) MySQL Database, (1) Mailman List (See Policies & Procedures for the latest information)
  • ADVANCED WEB DEVELOPMENT FEATURES SUPPORTED.  PHP 5.3.26+, Perl, MySQL 5.0, Python, .htaccess, and more
  • MAILMAN MAILING LISTS.  A single email address with self-subscribe/unsubscribe services; provides one-way announcements to members or large group discussions

How does my RCO apply for CORE Accounts?

Accounts are available to RCOs that have registered with the Office of Campus Organizations. Accounts can be activated by the president/chair ("Sponsor"), who must complete a CORE Account Activation/Renewal Application and accept responsibility for the account and its subsequent use. Email and webmaster duties may be delegated to other officers or members at the president/chair's discretion, but the president/chair must maintain a supervisory role.  Remember transition!  Please inform new leadership of these repsonsibilities.

Policies and Procedures