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UCI Office of Campus Organizations

Benefits for Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs)

As a RCO at the University of California, Irvine, organizations have many benefits and privileges including, but not limited to, access to advisors, leadership programs and events, and most importantly liability insurance coverage for your organization sponsored by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and access to many campus facilities and services at discounted rates. Organizations that are not recognized by the University are withheld of these privileges. Below is a list of resources for RCOs.

  • Liability Insurance. UCOP provides your RCO with free insurance coverage for "low risk" events and many "medium risk" events.  "High risk" events receive an accommodating price.  
  • ASUCI Club Accounts.  The Associated Students at UCI (ASUCI) provides RCOs with club accounts to utilize for financial transactions.  
  • Student Center & Event Services (SC&ES).  SC&ES provides RCOs with venues for no rental fees such as  classrooms, lecture halls, Aldrich Park, Ring Mall, building plazas and other campus conference rooms and facilities.  Although rent for most of these spaces are free, all RCOs are required to pay for extra services and materials and labor costs. 
  • Funding.  UCI has many different funding boards for RCOs.
  • CORE Consultants.  Campus Organizations Resources & Education (CORE) Consultants are students who provide students with guidance for their organizations. These students are trained by the Office of Campus Organization's professsional staff to address any RCO questions and they aim to provide support to RCO leaders.  Please use these students as a resource for your RCO!  
  • CORE Office.  A space (Student Center, G308) for RCOs to utilize computers, hang out, and/or meet with a CORE Consultant.
  • CORE Club Accounts. CORE provides RCOs with the ability to create webpages, email addresses, and mailing lists.
  • CORE Workshops.  CORE sponsors RCOs with a diverse array of workshops to help RCO leaders implement and accomplish their organization goals.  Previous workshops have included Funding 101, Marketing Techniques, Fundraising Strategies, etc.
  • Poster Paper, Paints, & Mailboxes.  Poster paper is sold to RCOs at a discounted rate at Student Life and Leadership (Student Center, G306) and paints are available for the posters.  RCOs can even get a mailbox for their organization (first come, first serve basis).  
  • Annual Events.  RCOs can participate in annual campus-wide events including Anteater Involvement Fair, WAYZGOOSE, and Anteater Awards.
  • Programs/Services.  The Office of Campus Organizations sponsors a variety of programs and services for RCOs including Org Exchange, Org of the Month, and Ring Road Round Up.
  • AND MORE...

To become a RCO, please click here.