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UCI Office of Campus Organizations

Venues & Event Planning

Event Venues

Student Center & Event Services
       to book any of the following locations for your organization's events or meetings.
Only signers of a Registered Campus Organization (RCO) should reserve facilities.  
      Please review the
Special Event Planning Guide for RCOs
      .  The Student Center & Event Services can be contacted at (949) 824-5252 or email at
  • Classrooms/Lecture Halls 
  • Booth space on Ring Road
  • Meeting Rooms in the Student Center
  • Meeting Rooms in the Newkirk Alumni Center

The following areas have different spaces available which you can rent out (either with or without a fee) as a RCO. Contact the department listed below for more details.  Only signers of a Registered Campus Organization (RCO) should reserve facilities.

Dance Crew Practice Locations

  • Anteater Recreation Center (free)
  • Crawford Hall - Crawford Gym ($20/hour)
  • Bren Events Center ($20/hour)
  • Parking Structures (free) 

As any venue reservation, a signer must be present throughout your practice, which is especially important for parking structures and building courtyards. All spaces have particular venues available, hours of operations, limitations, and reservation procedures. Click here to review the information about each venue. Also, remember to apply for insurance for every practice.

Event Planning

Below are some basic steps to event planning at UCI. Before proceeding with your event, do not forget to check with your advisor or work with an event planner in Student Center & Event Services

Step 1: Choose an event title, date, time & venue

  • Discuss which services you will be needing for your venue (e.g., contact Student Center & Event Services): 
    • Room set up
    • Equipment needs
    • Parking needs
    • Smart classrooms
    • Amplifed sound requests
  • Contact and confirm speakers/presenters for your proposed date(s)
  • Create a timeline and deadlines for different items on your to-do list
  • Organize sub-committees to complete specific tasks 

Step 2: Funding, Resources & Publicity

  • Create a budget of costs: publicity, facilities, food, parking, speaker/performer fees, supplies, decorations, etc. Check your ASUCI Club Account balance to make certain you have enough funds. Generate funding requests for your costs.
  • Secure Funding: How much money does your organization have for this event? Which funding boards can fund for this event? What resources are available to you as a RCO? 
  • Obtain a Temporary Food Permit for events and/or fundraisers with perishable goods (click here for information about working with food)
  • Purchase liability insurance or provide a certificate of liability insurance from your organization's insurance carrier
  • Make publicity materials and begin to distribute them
  • Print invitations with RSVP deadlines and distribute 

Step 3: Event Day

  • Arrive early to set up and meet with all of your committee members
  • Stick to a detailed (minute-by-minute) schedule: What is the task that needs to be done? At what time does it need to be completed? Who is in charge of making sure the task gets completed? 
  • What is each person in your organization responsible for? 
  • Make sure you have a clean up plan (who will help clean up, put equipment away, what needs to be returned and by when, and how long will it take?)

Step 4: Post-event

  • Revise your budget and generate any reimbursements with ASUCI
  • Evaluate program (on-line survey, survey hand-outs or e-mail for feedback) 
  • Hold a post-event meeting (debriefing) with your committee to analyze data from any surveys
  • Discuss what went well and what could be improved for next time 
  • Write thank you cards to departments and individuals who have been helpful to you in the event planning process
  • Praise your committee for the hard work they have completed