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UCI Office of Campus Organizations


A constitution is important for any Registered Campus Organization (RCO).  It is a historical document that should outline the basic rules governing the RCO, as well as allow address situations that may arise within the organization including election procedures and member conduct.  A constitution should be reviewed annually to guarantee it fits the current needs of the RCO.  The language should be clear and concise, leaving little for interpretation.  Please submit a copy of your RCO’s constitution to the Office of Campus Organizations. 

The Office of Campus Organizations recommends reviewing the following to assist with the creation of your constitution:

Constitution Outline

Below is an outline of a constitution for your reference. If you would like sample text for any of the sections below, please see the Constitution Template for RCOs (PDF) which is a more comprehensive document.

  • ARTICLE I. NAME OF THE RCO: According to UCI policy, a RCO may include “UCI” in the title only to indicate location affiliation. (CORRECT: Anteater Stamp Club @ UCI. WRONG: UCI Anteater Stamp Club). You may include acronyms or abbreviations for your RCO.  
  • ARTICLE II. PURPOSE OF THE RCO: State the purpose and mission statement of the organization. 
  • ARTICLE III. MEMBERSHIP: Please outline any membership requirements, rights, and how a student may withdraw from membership. 
  • ARTICLE IV. OFFICERS: Please outline how and when an election takes place, in addition to listing titles, duties, and requirements for each office. Also, please outline how an officer may be removed from office and how vacancies will be filled until a new election takes place. Please note that all officers must be currently enrolled students, staff, or faculty members. 
  • ARTICLE V. ELECTIONS AND NOMINATIONS: Explain the process and time of nominations/elections. 
  • ARTICLE VI. COMMITTEES: Please outline any committees of your organization. 
  • ARTICLE VII. MEETINGS: Please outline frequency of meetings, quorum, procedures, etc.  
  • ARTICLE VIII. FINANCIAL MATTERS: Please list any requirements for your organization’s financial matters. 
  • ARTICLE IX. FACULTY/STAFF ADVISORS: Please list advisor requirements and duties.  Contact the CORE Consultants if you need assistance finding an advisor for your organization. 
  • ARTICLE X. BY-LAWS AND AMENDMENTS: Please list any by-laws and constitutional amendment guidelines.
  • ARTICLE XI. AFFILIATIONS: If the organization is formally affiliated with any off-campus organization, that organization must be named and a copy of its constitution, by-laws, and/or operational guidelines must be attached.  

Constitution Template (PDF)
Sample Constitution (PDF)

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