Signers of Registered Campus Organization(s) are responsible for the activities of their organization(s). Signers are defined as members who sign on behalf of the Registered Campus Organization and agree to be jointly or individually liable for all debts and obligations to the University incurred by their organization. Individual members or officers of campus organizations that are designated as Signers read and sign the Antihazing, Financial Responsibility, Principles of Community, Student Conduct, and Nondescrimination policies and agree to comply.

What is the difference between being a signer, Executive Signer (XS), and officer?

Every student organization is allowed up to a maximum of five signers (minimum of three). These individuals have the ability to make facility reservations with Student Center & Event Services, the Bren Events Center, the ARC, etc. Only currently enrolled UCI students can be signers for an organization, not alumni, off-campus advisors, faculty or staff (unless it is a faculty/staff organization). 

At least two signers of the RCO must be Executive Signers (XS). Executive Signers are typically the President and Vice President of the organization and/or the individuals who started the group's re-registration process. Executive Signers may add/remove signers throughout the course of the year.

Officers are not necessarily signers for their organization. Officers may hold a title in the organization or be a part of the Executive Board but are not considered signers unless they have signed their five online agreements and completed the COOl orientation.

What if I need to be added or removed as a signer for my organization?

Only the Executive Signers (XS) of an organization can add other signers. If you are not one of the Executive Signers of your group, you should contact one of them to go through the process of having you added as a signer for your organization. If you are a signer and wish to remove yourself from the list you can do this in person at the Student Life & Leadership Office (G308 Student Center) or send an email to from your UCI Email address with the request and the name of your organization. Please note that at the end of the Spring quarter of each academic year, all registration information is cleared and groups will re-register. If you are not removed before then, you will be for the next academic year.

What if I am an Executive Signer (XS) and want to add or remove a signer for my organization?

If you are one of the Executive Signers of your organization you can request to add or remove signers in person at the Student Life & Leadership Office (G308 Student Center) or through e-mail. Please read through the steps below on what to include in your e-mail....

Every campus organization can have up to five signers (including yourself). In your e-mail you must include the following information for ALL signers you are adding and/or removing:

1) First/Last Name, 2) UCI E-mail, 3) Position/Title (if they have one)

Send this e-mail to The email needs to be sent through your UCI email address. Be sure to include your name along with the name of your organization, and your position/title in the organization. Once a signer has been added, the NEW signers will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the process online.

**If requesting changes through e-mail please allow 1-2 business days to process your request.

ALL signers are required to sign the online campus organizations policy agreements and take the COOL Orientation (for EACH organization you are a signer for) before they can make any room or space reservations with Student Center & Event Services.

You can download COPIES of the policy agreements below. **Please note that these are ONLY copies, and as authorized signers you must agree to the policies ONLINE through the campus organization registration site.

Anti-Hazing Agreement (PDF)
Financial Responsibility Agreement (PDF)
Non-Discrimination Policy(PDF)
Principles of Community (PDF)
Student Conduct Policies (PDF)