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UCI Office of Campus Organizations

ASUCI Club Accounts

ASUCI Club Accounts are free finance accounts for Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) provided by the Associated Students of UCI.  Below are frequently asked questions regarding the ASUCI Club Accounts.

What is an ASUCI Club Account?
An ASUCI Club Account is an account in which your RCO can can deposit and withdraw money easily.  Only RCO signers have access to the account.

How can you use an ASUCI Club Account?
You can access your organization's ASUCI Club Account via the ASUCI website (see: An online account is available for you to use and see how much money has been deposited and withdrawn within the last 24 hours. In addition, you can use your club's account to deposit cash and checks or withrdaw money for your club's events. For example, when making reservations with the Student Center & Event Services or UCI Hospitality & Dining Services, your organization can pay with your ASUCI Club Account. The Student Center & Event Services or UCI Hospitality & Dining Services will send the bill to your ASUCI account and the ASUCI office will pay on your behalf from your account.

How can you create an ASUCI Club Account?
As an RCO you are automatically assigned an ASUCI account number. However, it is not activated until one of your signers goes to the ASUCI office to do so. Prior to activating your club's account, ASUCI will make sure you have met all the requirements to become a registered campus organization (e.g., agreements, COOL, etc.). You will also need "proof of registration" of your organization with the Office of Campus Organizations, picture ID of the signer(s) who are opening the account (if you wish to add, change, or remove signers you must go to the ASUCI office), and a $75 initial deposit to start off your account.

How can I electronically access my online ASUCI Club Account?
You may access your ASUCI Club Account online by visiting

Can I link an outside bank account to the ASUCI Club Account?
No, outside accounts can only deposit money to your club's account but you cannot directly link an outside bank account to your club's account.

Can other people besides signers pick up checks at the ASUCI office?
Yes, anyone can pick up checks at the ASUCI office. 

If I have any questions about the ASUCI Club Account where do I go?
For any questions about the ASUCI Club Account, please contact the ASUCI office. ASUCI is your facilitator, everything regarding deposits and withdrawals from your account is done through them. You may also get check request forms and deposit slips from the ASUCI office.

Tips and Strategies for ASUCI 

  • As a RCO, you are responsible for keeping track of check requests and deposits.
  • Make sure to document and keep copies of everything.
  • Be organized as much as possible, designate a person to be in charge of tracking the account.
  • Use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of deposits and withdrawals.
  • Maintain clear communication within your organization. Make sure that all of your signers understand how to use an ASUCI Club Account.
  • Use resources available to your organization and ask questions. Contact a CORE Consultant for assistance with anything related to your organization.  You can email

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Robert Schumm (, ASUCI Senior Financial Analyst, or Kathy Stephens ( You may schedule an appointment from 8 am to 4 pm - Monday to Friday.