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UCI Office of Campus Organizations


Campus Organization Registration

A registered campus organization (RCO) is an officially recognized campus entity comprised primarily of students, faculty, and/or staff which is granted limited access to University services, resources, and facilities for the current registration period.

Existing Groups

Re-registration for 2015-2016 is currently closed.

New Groups

Please read the following article before proceeding:

Before You Begin

Registration should only be initiated by the Executive Signer (XS) of your organization. Other officers and signers will be automatically notified by email to complete their own portions of the registration process.

Also, be prepared with the following information...

Signer UCInetIDs You must know the UCInetIDs of 2-4 other signers. Including yourself, there is a minimum of 3.
Advisor Advisors are important. If you have one, have name, UCInetID, and contact information ready.
Constitution Have the latest, official version of your group's constitution ready for upload or copy/paste.

See How to Create a Constitution for more info.
Payment The registraton fee is $50. Make sure your ASUCI finance account has a sufficient balance to cover this. If not, you will be given instructions on how to pay with a department recharge or other form of payment. No credit cards.
Name Change If your group is undergoing a name change, begin re-registration under the previous name and you may update your group's name during the process.
UCInetID login required.
Please log in before proceeding.