Welcome to the Campus Organizations On-Line Orientation System!

Each year, Student Life & Leadership helps campus organizations get started on the right track by hosting a Mandatory Campus Organization Officer Orientation. Topics covered include:

  • what resources are at their disposal,
  • where the money is for funding,
  • why they should avoid trouble and follow campus policies and procedures,
  • how they can accomplish their goals and objectives, and
  • who they can turn to for help and advising

All authorized signers for campus organizations are required to particpate in the new "COOL Orientation" system; however, other officers and organization leaders are encouraged to participate as well. The system will present an on-line information video for you to watch. The entire session should take approximately 30 minutes. Successful completion will be credited to the officer's UCInetID and be valid for the rest of the current academic year.

The information will be accessible year-round, so organization leaders can review or access information when necessary for activities or events.

Please view the online training and complete the accompanying quiz.



More "COOL" Info...

Although not integrated into the "COOL Orientation" system, here are some more information sources that clubs and organizations will find helpful...

Thanks to EH&S for introducing us to this web learning technology and inspiring us to produce our COOL Orientation, system!