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UCI Office of Campus Organizations

Campus Organizations Orientation for Leaders

Welcome to COOL !

The Campus Organization Orientation for Leaders (COOL) Presentation and Quiz is a simple online training system for organization leaders on wide variety of topics ranging from campus policy education to funding and resources.

Although at least 3 "signers" of an organization must complete and pass the COOL quiz, other officers and leaders are encouraaged to become COOL, too.

If you are a signer for your organization, you MUST complete COOL or the university will not recognize you as leader of your group.

How It Works

WATCH Watch and listen to online presentation video.
Q & A Take the quiz and get a passing score.

If you get a passing score on the COOL quiz, you will be considered "COOL" for the entire academic year for all organizations for which you are a leader.

UCInetID Login Required

Please log in with your UCInetID username and passsword in order to access the COOL system.